How Cool It Is To Have These Posters In Your Room

How Cool It Is To Have These Posters In Your Room

Are you a fan of Totoro? Can you imagine how cool it would be to have all these posters in your room? We are totally in love with them!

Unfortunately we are not selling them on our store, but we know they can be purchased from China. If you are interested, please read the information at the end of this post and contact us if you need any help :)

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totoro posters


Do you like to have them with you? If you are buying anything from our store, you can leave us a note during checkout or contact us from facebook after you place the order. We can help you do the purchase from China and send them to you with the products you buy from OneTinyShop.

5 posters (without frames) to your address will cost about $25 (including costs of posters, shipping fee from the seller to us, shipping fee from us to you and some transaction fees from shopify and payment gateways).

Size Information for a set:

50x70cm *1 PCS

30x40cm *3 PCS

21x30cm *1 PCS

or you can order different sizes as you like

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