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Hand Crank Cowboy Bebop Wooden Music Box (Tune: Space Lion)

Hand Crank Cowboy Bebop Wooden Music Box (Tune: Space Lion)

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Custom photo Service

  • Your favorite song and a good memory, brought by this combination of music box and photo frame. 

  • Excellent sound quality from a walnut box, proper thickness to ensure it has a better resonance effect.
  • High Quality Sankyo Hand Crank Music Box movement, play the music box at a speed that you prefer.
  • Easy to personalize it with a photo of your choice, a poster from the anime you love or a picture of you and your family, friends will make the music box a unique gift. 
  • Wood engraving service is also available,you can choose to have a text or design engraved on the top or the back side of the music box, please purchase the service from here if you are interested:

Wood Engraving Service

If you choose photo printing service, please reply the order confirmation email or send the image to the following email:



70mm * 65mm * 40mm ( Box only, handle not included)

Demo video of the Hand Crank Cowboy Bebop Space Lion Music Box:


 * Please Note: All music boxes play only a part of the song and repeat it, not the whole song.

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