Customized 50 Note Wooden Music Box (Multiple Tunes Available)

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Stunning sound from a 50 Note music box, absolutely collectable item and perfect gift :)


Please note that when you turn a 50Note music box OFF, it will play till the end of the current loop, it does not stop right away, this is a design to protect the mechanism.



It takes about 2 weeks to make a customized music box with the tunes listed,

and about 3-4 weeks to make a customized music box with a new tune.

we will fulfill your order once we receive the music box from the manufacturer.


50 Note music boxes are big and heavy, please choose Express Shipping for the delivery, we don't accept Free shipping for this product. 


Customize other songs?

Please contact us via email ( and provide a link to the song that you would like to have, choose no more than 50s from it, and we will see if it is doable.

Please note that a 50 Note Music Box repeats a section of the song, not the full song.

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