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Premium Wooden Music Box with Resonance Box (BTS Tunes Collection)

Premium Wooden Music Box with Resonance Box (BTS Tunes Collection)

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Introducing the brand new music box!
This music box features an enhanced baseboard to provide superior sound quality, and a cover that transforms into a resonance box to further enhance the musical experience.
The winding mechanism is more convenient to operate, making it easy to enjoy the soothing and calming music.
As you wind the key, you can watch the musical note style winding key spin as the music plays,
creating an enchanting atmosphere that will soothe your soul.
Get ready to be enchanted by the beautiful music of this new music box!

Personalization Service Available, we offer wood engraving service for Music Boxes, please purchase the service from here if you are interested:

Wood Engraving Service

Sapele Wooden Music Box

* Please Note: All music boxes play only a part of the song and repeat it, not the whole song.

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